Sue Cunningham, chair of the Delaware SWCD Board of Supervisors, with Bob Short, president of the Ohio Federation of Soil  & Water Conservation Districts.


Sue Cunningham was recently recognized at the annual conference of the Ohio Federation of Soil & Water Conservation Districts in Columbus. Sue received the 2019 Outstanding Board Member Award from the Ohio Association of Soil & Water Conservation District Employees! Sue has served on the Delaware SWCD board since 2002. According to Scott Stephens, Delaware SWCD Administrator, “Sue is a go-getter, always willing to talk to people about her passion for healthy soil, clean water, and agriculture and we are excited for Sue to receive this recognition.”

Way to go Sue!  Thank you for all you do.

Sue Cunningham with her family, from left, Trish Levering (daughter), Blair Levering (granddaughter), and Phil Cunningham (husband).