The storm drain in your street carries rain water and snow melt as well as trash, grass clippings, fertilizer, oil, and other pollutants directly to our streams.

These beer cans and boxes were discovered by our drainage maintenance crew and required excavating and proper disposal and recycling.

In addition to this beer stash, we have found storm drains clogged with leaves, grass clippings, a flip flop, dog droppings, plastic bags, firewood, and more.  Some of these items were intentionally thrown into the storm drain!

You can be the change for clean water by picking up or soaking up all spills from vehicles or household activities off of your sidewalk and driveway. Fertilizer pellets and grass clippings should be swept back on to your lawn. Do not wash or dump any yard waste or spills out into the street and down into our storm drains.

The purpose of storm drains is to maintain safe roadways by removing excess water when it rains and snows.  You can prevent flooding of streets and basements by keeping the inlets clear in your neighborhood.

Please . . . only rain down the drain!