The District has a supply of conservation-related items for sale.



Conserve water with a rain barrel kit. Each kit includes the barrel, in terra cotta (shown) or granite gray color, diverter kits and lid. As shown here, the lid is turned upside down to show a planter option.

Each kit $100.00

We love rabbits (and deer) but keep them away from your garden with Plantskydd brand critter repellent.  Now, at SALE prices!

1 lb powder concentrate $20

2.2 lb powder concentrate $30

1 lb granular $8

Keep your trees healthy with fertilizer tablets, 22-8-2.

Package of 10 $1.50

Mark items of interest on your property or locate drainage infrastructure.

Marking flags, bundle of 25 (4″x5″ on 36″ staff) $3

Marking flags, bundle of 100 (4″x5″ on 36″ staff) $10

Tile probe, 4 foot $35

Extra Tile probe point $10