The Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District, in cooperation with the Delaware County Commissioners and County Engineer, carries out the County Drainage Maintenance Program. 

Authorized under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 6137, the program is responsible for the upkeep of drainage improvements within Delaware County.  Initially intended for agricultural drainage maintenance, Delaware County now includes all drainage improvements as part of the program.  Under this program, drainage improvements include open ditches, subsurface tile mains, surface drains, and subdivision stormwater systems.*

As of July 1, 1998, all newly constructed subdivision stormwater systems must be placed on the Delaware County Drainage Maintenance Program. 

workmen installing drainage tile in an agricultural field


*Please note that not all of the drainage infrastructure in Delaware County is part of the Drainage Maintenance Program.  Only improved drainage systems petitioned for maintenance under Ohio Revised Code (Chapter 6137) and approved by the County Commissioners are included in the program and maintained by law.  To learn more about a drainage project and what specifically is maintained, please contact the Drainage Maintenance Coordinator at the Delaware SWCD office (740-368-1920).