Contractors List

Need a contractor to install tile drainage, build a pond, or any other type of earthmoving?  Check our list for information on local land improvement contractors.

Contractors List

Drainage Issues

This publication discusses surface and subsurface drainage issues and ideas on how to take care of them.

Drainage Around Your Home

Pond Resources

Whether you have a pond (or are hoping to build one) — these publications will guide you in the planning, care, and maintenance of owning a pond.

Ohio Pond Management Handbook

Muddy Water in Ponds:  Causes, Prevention, and Remedies

Placing Artificial Fish Attractors in Ponds and Reservoirs

Winter and Summer Fish Kills in Ponds

Fish Species Selection for Pond Stocking

Be A Responsible Grass Carp (white amur) Owner

Coping with Canada Geese: Conflict Management and Damage Prevention Strategies

Drainage Petition Resources

Visit this site to learn about Ohio’s drainage laws and how to petition to have a drainage area placed under the Delaware County maintenance program.

Ohio Drainage Petition Procedures

Rain Garden Manual

Rain gardens provide a beautiful way to capture and filter stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces around the home and office.  This manual is the perfect recipe for creating one on your property.

Rain Garden Manual

Guide to Monarch and Other Pollinators Habitat in Gardens

Help these beautiful, yet imperiled, creatures on your property.

Guide to Monarch Habitat in Gardens

Type in your zip code to get the specific plan for your location for selecting plants to install for pollinators.

Selecting Plants for Pollinators