Planning to sell off a portion of a lot or piece of land that is 5 acres or less?  Read on regarding the process and how to get started.


What is a No-Plat Subdivision?
Ohio Revised Code 711.131 permits a division of a parcel of land along a public street not involving the opening, widening, or extension of any street or road, and involving no more than five lots after the original tract (shown as a unit or contiguous units on the last preceding tax roll) has been completely subdivided. If these conditions are met, the application for the split may be approved by the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission without a plat. In Delaware County, the “No-Plat” subdivision procedure can be used for lots of 5 acres or less. Lots larger than 5 acres with road frontage are not required to go through this process.


What are the rules for creating a No-Plat Subdivision?
The Delaware County Regional Planning Commission administers the process for No-Plat Subdivisions. Other agencies involved in the process include the Delaware County Engineer, the SWCD, the Delaware General Health District, the Delaware County Sanitary Engineer, Township Zoning offices, and the Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT) (if the tract has frontage on a state route).

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office has created a flow chart to help explain the process.


What does the SWCD inspect for a No-Plat Subdivision Review?
The SWCD inspects the proposed plan to identify and mitigate any possible impacts on existing surface and subsurface drainage, as well as any other possible adverse environmental impacts that might result from the proposed plan.


I am ready to submit my application to the SWCD. What should I do now?
As of May 3, 2021, the Delaware SWCD application and review process is combined with the Delaware County Engineers Office. The DSWCD no longer receives lot split applications directly. Visit the DCEO “Resources” page under Lot Splits for application and review procedures.


How much does the review cost?
The SWCD Application Fee is $250 and is collected by the DCEO as part of their fees.

Please see the Fee Schedule maintained by the Regional Planning Commission for more information.