Annual Common Milkweed Pod Collection

Join us in saving the Monarchs!

Now – October 31st

The Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative and Delaware SWCD are calling for Common Milkweed pods. Milkweeds are the only plant that the Monarch butterfly will lay eggs on. They also serve as a food source for Monarchs and other pollinator animals. The disappearance of Milkweed is a major contributor to the decline and endangerment of the Monarch butterfly across the United States. You can help Monarchs and other pollinators throughout Ohio by collecting common milkweed pods.

Drop off any collected pods to the green bin with a yellow lid located outside of our office at 557-A Sunbury Rd Delaware, Ohio 43015.

Collection Tips:

  • Make sure it’s Common Milkweed and not a similar look-a-like plant, like hemp dogbane
  • Pods should be dry and gray or brown in colors
  • Store Pods in a paper bag with the collection written on it
  • Store pods in a cool, dry area until you are able to turn them in
  • Don’t collect all the pods off of a plant, leave some for natural dispersal