The Delaware SWCD educators mini-grant opportunity is designed to support schools and education programs from disciplines demonstrating interests in conservation education and is available to those interested educational institutions in Delaware County, Ohio.

Our Educator Mini-Grant program offers educators the chance to apply for 1 of 4 conservation education tools to be used in their classrooms or implemented at their schools. The application is available online from March 1 to June 9, 2024. All awards will be presented prior to September 1, 2024. The number of awards given will be subject to the funding availability.

Only one application per education establishment will be accepted. Grant applications will be reviewed by Delaware SWCD staff with final approval of the Delaware SWCD Board of Supervisors.

This is a competitive grant where the requested item will be purchased for and donated to the applicant. We regret that not all applicants may receive the requested project.


Project Options:

Butterfly Release Kit
Receive up to 4 Butterfly Release Kits for your education program. Each kit includes 5 caterpillars with food needed to grow into Painted Lady Butterflies, a mesh 12-inch tall habitat, feeder and dropper, and journal. This butterfly kit offers a view of nature’s most spectacular transformations up close.

Receive 1 of the EnviroScape models for use in your education program. Model options include: Watershed/Nonpoint Source Model, Coastal Watershed Model, Ecological Restoration in Your Watershed, Drinking Water, Wastewater & Your Watershed, Hazardous Prevention & Clean Up, or Waste Management.

Rain Barrel
Receive up to 2 Rain Barrel kits for your education program. Rain barrels collect and store rainwater from rooftops that would otherwise be lost to runoff. They provide a high-quality source of water for gardening and other non-potable uses while decreasing the impact of runoff.

Ohio Wildflower Mix
Receive up to 1 acres worth of Ohio Blend wildflower seeds for your education program. The Ohio Blend is a mix of wildflowers that are native, naturalized and formulated specifically for Ohio. Plant at a rate of 5-10 pounds per acre or 4 ounces per 1,000 sq. ft. Seeds should be planted in an area that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight and planted in the spring or fall season.


Downloadable Application – Return completed applications to Sarah Kidd via email at