Soil Tunnel:

This tool helps teach about soil layers, drainage, organisms that live in the soil, soil variance among different land uses, and conservation.  The inflatable soil tunnel is very portable.  It includes a trailer for transport and storage.  Educational activities and talking points are also included.  Available to local teachers free of charge.  Soil tunnel rental information for organizations outside of Delaware County can be discussed by calling (740) 368-1921.

To reserve, please contact us.

With information on the inside and outside of the Soil Tunnel, your visitors will have plenty of interesting details to explore!

Key Concepts the Soil Tunnel Covers:

  • Soil Layers

  • Soil Drainage

  • Soil Functions

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention

  • Impacts of Land Use on Soil

  • Soil Organisms

  • Soil Conservation

Don’t have space outside? Maybe it unexpectedly rains on your event day. No problem. Use the Soil Tunnel inside as well.

Special Thanks

This tunnel and storage trailer were made possible through a grant received from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund.


Soil-Tunnel Exploration Guide

Soil Tunnel Set-Up Instructions

Soil Tunnel Take-Down Instructions