Community Environmental Stewardship Action – Storm Drain Labeling

Many people don’t realize that water that enters a storm drain is not treated at a water treatment plant.  Instead, it may flow directly into a receiving stream, bypassing treatment.  This direct, storm sewer link between where we live, work, and play (and the stream into which it drains) makes everyone in the watershed potential contributors to water pollution.

By labeling storm drains, you can help protect our landscapes and waterways.  After training, volunteers may use materials provided by the SWCD to apply labels to storm drains, and/or hang information encouraging watershed stewardship on doorknobs.

Looking for a service project?  Storm drain labeling may be done by any individual or small group (family, school, social, civic).  This program is designed to help develop sensitivity to and stewardship for our soil and water resources.  Currently, the Delaware SWCD is labeling storm drains in the cities of Powell and Sunbury.  Contact us for more information.